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The Feedback on Giving Back: Clarabridge's Commitment to Philanthropy

Have you ever gone to look for information for a blog post or an email that you wanted to write, found nothing close to what you needed, and then thought, “well this is simultaneously very refreshing and also very obnoxious, all at the same time”?  This is my current boat.  Welcome aboard.

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You Got Served: What Your Company Should Be Learning from MLK Day

86 years and 4 days ago, a man was born who would change the history of Civil Rights.  He played a pivotal role in creating the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, two measures which came to represent the beginnings of a nation-wide commitment to racial equality and ending the practice of segregation.  This man would go on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and go down in the literary canon for his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and his famous 1963 speech, “I Have a Dream

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Happy Hunting: Advice for Job Seekers in 2015

Earlier this week, while the majority of the population was busy signing up for gym memberships and stocking their kitchens with swiss chard and goji berries, Clarabridge Data Scientist Dheepan Ramanan was taking a deep dive into what people are saying about New Year’s resolutions.  His insights on the correlation between resolutions and feelings like skepticism and disgust are definitely worth a look, but I’d like to focus on what Dheepan uncovered was the eighth most popular resolution for 2

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Heroes for Hire: transitioning back into civilian life after military service

We hear a lot on Veterans Day about the patriotism, selflessness, tenacity, and bravery of American soldiers, and rightfully so.  Veterans make a tremendous donation of their skills, time, and lives to secure the continued safety and prosperity of our country.  A message that is somehow less prominent, however, is the incredibly sophisticated technical and leadership opportunities military personnel receive and the myriad ways in which this experience can make veterans some of the most valuable, high-performing members of your organization after their tour of duty has come to a close.   To

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Employee Spotlight: Kara Oyhenart

Meet Kara!  A graduate of the University of Virginia, Kara came to Clarabridge through our campus recruitment program in 2013.  She has worked on our Services team both as a Business Consultant and Technical Trainer.  Bilingual in Spanish and approaching fluency in Swedish and a couple other European languages,, Kara is the perfect fit for roles that delve into Clarabridge's ability to get at the heart of feedback, sentiment, and meaning.    

Title: Technical Trainer

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Our New Look

Ch-ch-ch-changes….. Among the thousands of square feet of physical space renovations and global office expansions, our Careers website has experienced a full overhaul as well thanks to the tireless efforts of our Talent Acquisition team.

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The skinny on all things Clarabridge—this blog is a candidate resource, an employee forum, a hub for thought-provoking industry articles, and a wide-scope lens through which visitors can learn about who Clarabridge is as a company. 

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