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They rarely help, but they can definitely hurt. Moral of the story: Don’t spend a ton of time agonizing over every detail, but make sure you triple-check for typos, good grammar and the correct name of the company.


Don’t freak out and definitely don’t start rambling if an interviewer asks you a tough question. No one will hold a bit of silence against you. Instead, take some time to think about your answer—not only will you come up with a better response, but it will make you look more thoughtful and deliberate in the eyes of your interviewer.


If an interviewer asks you a question about a past experience or situation and wants to know how you reacted, chances are they’re conducting a behavioral interview. Interviewers love behavioral questions because they dig into the nitty-gritty of a candidate’s attitude, skills and personality. They’re easy questions to rock if you know what your interviewer is looking for: Be detailed, be concise and above all make sure the story you tell reflects the spirit, attitude and mentality of the company with which you’re interviewing.


Some companies cling to the value of an old-school handwritten note, but recruiters at most companies have moved on long before the snail mail arrives. Send a short, thoughtful email immediately after your interview and make your last impression before someone else sneaks in and makes his or her first.


Looking for a job can quickly turn into a desperate grasping at straws, but trust us when we say that Clarabridge is seeking YOU out. The market for awesome college hires is incredibly competitive, so don’t worry about wooing us; just focus on presenting the best, most positive version of yourself in all your interviews and you’ll have no problem!

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Clarabridge is the leader in Customer Experience Management. We help hundreds of the world’s most recognized brands understand and improve their customer experience. Using advanced text analytics, Clarabridge transforms survey, social, voice and all other forms of customer feedback into intelligence used to empower confident, decisive action across the business.  The result: happier customers. For more information, visit

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